This was a fan project that began its life as my first project while learning Blender3D in 2020. The initial premise was simple: ­
What if DoomGuy wanted to pulzerive demons in hell, but FASTER?
The goal was to study the character/set designs from DOOM ETERNAL and design a motorcycle that perfectly fits that game’s world/lore/game mechanics. What kinda of brutally rugged vehicle would DoomGuy pilot while running over the mortally challenged in Nekravol?
After, I directed and rendered the short film below to really show the functionality, movement, and insanity of the DoomCycle in its natural element. I used it as a chance to experiment with many of Blender’s tools, including character rigging, fluid dynamics, physics, constraints, nodes, animation, and much more. Enjoy!


I kept sketching small to avoid going too detailed early in the design.

The body is mostly defined by a simple organic shape but graphically separated with harsh edges, much like Doomguy’s armor


I wanted to start form the very core of the motorcycle and design outwards, having the innerworkings be a big deciding factor in exterior design and packaging.

The shell leaves the BFG engine exposed and breathing, also leaving ample room for the track to travel in and around the vehicle




Within the heart of the DoomCycle is the BFG 9000, a plasma weapon powered by ionized Argent Energy

If it’s powerful enough to blast a hole into Mars then it’s good enough to be a competent engine.



The cell structure around the BFG allows Argent Energy cells to be easily attached and replaced.

This makes traveling through hell a stress free experience.



Argent Energy is a renewable power source, previously thought to be mined from Mars. In reality it is a mixture of the Essence of Hell and Sentinel power.

It’s potential is tremendous, y’know if you look past the ‘demonic’ part.



Sprockets hold the DoomCycle’s treads in place. Stabilized by Argent Energy, it allows the treads to power through any obstacle, be it bloodied space rock or Hell/Sentinel fauna.



Attaching the wheels to the body, the swing arms sustain the load of the body and articulate based on the terrain.



Treads loop around the wheels and sprockets, offering superior traction while maintaining its integrety regardless of the environment.

The Argent suspension system keeps the ride steady with suspended plasma.



The subframe bone structure allows the DoomCycle’s body to sustain extensive damage without impacting internal systems. Each rib is separately reinforced to allow some flexibility and for impacts to dissipate throughout the body.

The structure remains flexible to allow argent cells to be easily unpluged and recharged, keeping the DoomCycle on its feet.


The colour palette was chosen to be in line with DoomGuy’s suit, predominantly green with leather-like plates and orange accents. While covering much of the body, it still leaves room for the BFG 9000 to breathe through slats in the body and leaving much exposed at the top.
Handles extend from the body and allow full range of motion, both encouraging manuverability and quick-draw of weapons when necessary. 
Unlocking of the vehicle requires the emblem of the crucible, making in impossible to access by anyone other than DoomGuy. 


The movie is a demonstration of the functionality of the DoomCycle, as well as my image of how it would ride through the halls of ARC facilities and in hell. The music was chosen from Doom Eternal’s official playlist, created by Mick Gordon. 

Many many many copies of test renderings were attempted before the final look was found. These are some screencaps of the final video and a side-by-by comparison of the film and its animation in Blender’s viewport before rendering.