This was a personal project based on the idea was to take the Corvette as a brand and see how it could potentially evolve in this age of electrification, with its competitor Ford giving Mustang a greener image with the Mach-E and Tesla taking the world by storm. Without losing the Corvette identity, how can it grow so that it remains relevant in the modern climate.
This project really became a way to stretch my abilities when it comes to both design and modeling, as it will be my first concept with a complete Exterior and Interior design. This attempt is my way of branching out and becoming a more well rounded designer.­

Between a Rock and a Hard Place

While the market for performance vehicles gets tighter and tighter due to the modern climate (figuratively and literally), many other brands have sought to remain relevant by branching into the EV market.

However the Corvette line remains strictly loyal to its ICE powertrain. And while a sudden switch to electric power may not seem as appropriate for the brand, much like the public’s reaction to the Mach-E, introducing a front-engine hybrid model may prove as a great intro to the potential of electric power while honouring the heritage of the Corvette brand.




Exterior Design

A Look Back

The two main Corvettes I wanted to reference for my design were the C2 and C3, each for their proportion and unique design cues and proportions.

The New Pop-up

Given pop-up headlights’ history being a part of Corvette’s design language, I decided to create an inverted pop-up design, with the graphic reminiscent of the Corvette badge. 

Once the headlight panels fold downwards the primary highbeam is revealed, as well as a hidden air intakes that leads to each wheel motor and the brakes.

Splitting Tails

Harkening back to the C2 Corvette’s split rear glass without sacrificing visibility, this design incorporates a split to the back body instead. The resulting pinch surrounds the greenhouse and leads to the tailight below.

Interior Design

Focused Airiness

While still dedicated to a driver-oriented layout, the grand-tourer format means a more open layout. The driver is less cacooned by the interior like the current C8 and encourages more longer, comfotable drives.

The console is a mix of leather and soft-touch materials, with metal accents for areas that involve physical interaction. A slim touchless display handles airconditioning and media while a gauge cluster screen handles the heart of the vehicle.

Final Rendering