AUDI E-tron Avant


This project was my thesis from ArtCenter College of Design. 

With Audi growing the E-tron brand to compete with the rest of the German automakers, where should it go next following the release of its GT and SUV? With the reintroduction of the RS6 Avant into the United States, this is a perfect time to introduce an Avant wagon into the E-tron lineup. 

The Electric Epoch.

As all the leaders of the Electric market pursues the SUV and sedan vehicle segments, Audi needs a new vehicle segment personal to its own brand to set the E-tron brand apart. Given that Audi’s electric platform is shared with Porsche, who’s about to release the Taycan Cross Turismo variant, it makes sense to follow suit with a wagon that isn’t just a new silhouette. It needs to bring the utility and unexpected performance that has made the RS6 Avant a legend. A daily driver than can go faster on the track than vehicles that are a ton lighter with no headroom.

The Audi Lifestyle

Practical  Affluence

High versatility mainstream > flashy exotics

Premium Professional

Use technology as life enablers, enhancing mobility & flexibility.

Quattro Stance


Electric Language

The Asthetic.

The architecture of the wagon resembles stacked wedges. While the top wedge goes from slim to thick to symbolize an aerodynamic volume with extra storage at its tail, the bottom wedge goes from thick to thin, representing the tall mouth to breathe in and the thin battery floor that runs the length of the vehicle

The traditional Audi grill is merged with the graphics of the hood and elongated to the sides, allowing the real air intake to be lowered to reflect that air isn’t flowing to an engine.

The rear retains the hexagonal geometry, as if the volume is a hexagonal extrusion from front to rear. The overall gesture of the lines are also more perpendicular and emphasizing size.

The Model.