This was a brief project mostly intended to test the features of Blender, experimenting with mesh model making, texturing, animation, and post compositing­
The FerRAR.EXE is a mixture of a Ferrari 312P homage and the style Cyberpunk 2077, imagining what a LeMans hyper-car may look like in that world and that year



Racing in a world where more is more


The world of Cyberpunk 2077 is a world of futuristic excess. Even though space is a growing luxury, people still desire the very best with an extra helping of everything. That means the latest technology, and most powerful drivetrain, the largest tires, and the most aggressive face. What would that do to the future of racing?

And while their vehicles push to the extreme, so do the drivers. Using cybernetic enchancements and grafts to enchance their performance and reaction speed, the future racer pushes boundaries between human and robotics while becoming even bigger celebrities than they are today. 


Cyber Asthetic


Looking at the asthetic of vehicles in Cyberpunk 2077, it is a combination of brutal modernism and hint of classical proportions. Efficiency is replaced by technology and cold hard metal.

Flaps along each fender are deployed depending on the situation, allowing increased downforce on each corner of the vehicle.